Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Weekend Jaunt

At the dawn of the moon
He WhatsApps his mate
His mate replies
‘Dude, I am a bit late’!

At the dingy bar
Many more are bare.
Dude and his mate
Begin their weekly fare!

The same joint
Yesterday’s food is stale.
Liquid runs deep
Until the two turn pale!

The Foster runs dry
The wine turns to urine.
The night sighs and knows
That the weekend has begun!

Spice is felt in his bowel
His piss betrays.
As he returns home
To the welcome
Of the neighbourhood strays!

His friend leaves him
He’s sore and lone.
He desperately tries
To reinvigorate an old one!

He returns home
The door’s banged as a female voice howls
He slumps to the floor
Spread out like a towel!


  1. What a striking Lines:

    "He slumps to the floor
    Spread out like a towel!"

    The bitter reality everywhere. More than a social problem- it has become a disease. Cause might be countless, it is making 100s living dead.
    Your creativity is highly appreciated, Daju. Keep allowing us more to read and digest such master pieces.
    If one life is changed is Great!!!

  2. Thank you for your kind words, Rup Bhai. I hope you will continue to read my stories.